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01-25-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
Wideman is a very good offensive dman but in his own end he isn't that great. I've seen him often for a couple of years while was with Boston and I've seen him regularly with the Caps as well. From both fanbases perspective, he's a fine specimen when it comes down to give an offensive boost but not reliable when it comes down to defending a lead or shutting down the opposition.

As for Myers, I agree that he is overpaid. Thing is, his agent knows that's how much he's worth on the market. Oversized defenseman who can skate like him are a rare commodity. I think we'll both agree that a precedent for Myers is Chara. That's what most people believe he can/will become.

Same goes for Subban. Looking at precedents, he knows he can cash-in big. Not many defensemen have done what he has so quickly in recent memory and if they did, most of them turned out to be pretty damn good.

Has Subban done anything warranting a huge payday? No. Are precedents enough for him to be valued that much? Yes. We look at precedents to make projections. That's why most Montreal fan value him so highly. We're scared of losing him. We'd be awfully silly if he leaves and ends up winning a Norris or something. Knowing our luck, it wouldn't surprise me that much really.
I just personally don't see that elite talent in him and again, given his antics, I don't blame Bergevin for wanting to be cautious and stick to his guns on the term. If then he proves to be worth that much to the organization, then cash in.

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