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01-25-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
For San Jose this guy Dejardanus I don't know at all, but Handzus is a experienced player that is good defensively. So you point is getting Handzus to play 3C and have Eller as 2C?!

I don't think it looks all that great in Calgary. Backlund, Tanguay, Stajan and then Roman Cervenka being injured, who is a true KHL supestar but yet to show himself in NHL. Does look much thougher in my opinion than for instance Islanders, since Cervenka probably move to 1C when healthy and the Backlund to 3C keeping Tanguay as 2C?!

Islanders looks better and probably also Phoenix for getting a 2C or 3C spot?!
Handzus has been critisized recently for being sluggish and on the verge of retirement, Dejardanus is really lackluster. They need a big strong 2 or 3C plus San Jose are a more scoring team than the Habs.

Tanguay isn't getting younger and his numbers have been decresing every year.

Stajans numbers are unimpressive as goes for Backlund.

Cervenka might have been brought over because of his KHL status, but he has yet too prove himself, yes their would be competetion, but he would also get more of a chance to prove himself

Islanders are not looking to trade away Nino even though he wants too, and even if, I don't think the Habs will get him..

Yotes might be a place for him, but Tippet is not known for playing young players in big roles other than Boedker and OEL, and even they had to wait untill last season

And YES it is Desjardins, the Yotes like to take the **** on the Sharks

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