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Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
Way to be an ass.
Originally Posted by Hurt View Post

I try my best.

You've got to have a decent grasp of exercises that work for you already for every muscle group so if you're just starting out, I suggest figuring out what works best for you first. You really don't need to go and do 10 different exercises per muscle group every time you work out. 4-5 different ones, sets and weight are up to you of course as well. There's a fundamental way every muscle group works and your workout should activate them.
Of course Hurt is part of ripped Looks pretty intense man. I bet it works well if you mow that protein though.

Originally Posted by BertCorbeau View Post
Sure it's not for women?

Speaking of women.. just a little update for ya Berty.

Basically, I ripped into her about how she hasn't changed anything since the beginning, and everything we've talked about it has always been my sacrifices and that this wasn't how the relationship wasn't going to work because I was sick of it. I understood that she was busy, but being interested in me should be one of her priorities if she wants this to last while she's at school. I told her that I didn't expect her to talk more or anything, just actually listen and talk, just communication all-around.. So basically, we are working at it, and if **** doesn't change you can bet your ass I'm gone. I can't handle listening to her complain about all the stuff I do, while she pretends to be a princess.

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