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01-25-2013, 11:21 AM
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That speaks more to Karlsson's ability than Methot/Kuba's. Methot was bad in CBJ and looks good next to Karlsson. Theoretically, a guy like Bryan Allen would have looked nice as well. Could have signed him in free agency.

Methot is not an upgrade to last year's Kuba. Kuba was better offensively, played the PP and could actually shoot the puck.
If EK's job is easier, why has he looked worse?

Kuba brought a calming presence back there, and his higher skill level contributed to the massive amount of offense Karlsson put up.
soo......if methot ends up with as many points as Kuba had last year can we never talk about this again given Methot is far better at every other aspect of the game of hockey than Kuba?
boy i sure hope methot can replace the 3,3,2 and 6 goals Kuba scored with his 'higher' skill level.

Karlsson has looked worse? and its related to methot?? now that's fascinating given they are both on pace for more points than their last year counterparts EK and Kuba.
karlsson has bobbled some pucks early on but im pretty sure its not methot holding his stick.
methots far more aggressive style of play is much better suited for our team and for being EK's partner. he's much better skater than Kuba (or Bryan allen for that matter)

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