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01-25-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Plague View Post
A few questions...

1. Can anyone explain WHY worthless Reasoner is getting more ice time then Martin and Aucoin? Better yet, why is he still on the team?

2. Theoretically, if, and a BIG "if", DiPietro starts and is actually very impressive (maybe allowing only 2 or less goals), and then in his next start it is the same, will there be a role reversal with Nabokov or do you think that as long as Nabokov is healthy he will be the starting goalie?

3. So what is the basic cosensus regarding the hit on Tavares last night? Most of the leafs fans seem to think it was clean, in the Newsday article the reported called it a clean hit. To me, it looked like textbook boarding, Tavares had his back to the play and was hit from behind into the boards. A scary moment.

The Bruins scare me. Let's go Islanders!
Great questions...

Not sure why Reasoner is getting more time then Aucoin. Clearly they feel Reasoner has a roll, but think of it like this *his days here are numbered. There are 2 centers coming, and Ullstrom, Bailey, Cizikas, and Aucoin all can play center. (I know Ullstrom is listed as a LW and Bailey has moved to the wing) Next season you have Nelson most likely joining the team, along with possibly Strome. It is a little two soon for me to say Aucoin is the be-all-end-all. He has started great, but there is a reason he has not been able to stick. Now that could change with chemistry with his linemates, etc, and if he can put this season together, where he produces, he would be a very nice 4th line center behind Neilsen as the #3, and one of Strome/Nelson at #2 and of course JT at #1. (That is a nice looking middle of the ices btw.)

I don't believe for a moment that DiPietro is anything more than the backup this season. Even if (and it is a HUGE if) RLR has a strong game tonight, and again the next game, or when ever he plays, I believe there is a clear understanding of what his body can and cannot do and that the rigors of being a starter on a tight schedule will likely force him to space out his starts to no more than 1 a week at most or on back-to-back nights. I think Nabby is the starter unless he goes down with an injury. And if he does, I think Poulin/Nillsson get to be at least 50-50 in games. DiPi is done as a #1 and the Isles know it.

Phaneuf is a total punk. He wont fight. He is the "p" word personified. The hit was not clean. It was not a suspendible offense in my mind, but it was a 2 minute boarding penalty for sure just as Butchie called it. JT did take a look over the shoulder just before, and knew someone was their, but his back was turned and he was in a vulnerable spot, and Phaneuf did not hold up. Classic penalty that was not called because its the Islanders, and because its the Leafs and there is bias both ways. I was pleased that Carkner wasted no time. I would add I hope Carkner and Martin's memory is long for the next game.

My own thoughts for tonight look for fatigue. Not sure how many of these guys are really in "game shape" and how many will run out of steam against a bruising bruins squad. We will have our hands full for sure tonight.

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