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Originally Posted by Carl Carlson View Post
Nice work. 2KD is impressive but the 373 score per minute is sick. I typically hit between 220 and 260.
I'm an objective minded player and a rusher. Plus, the way the killstreaks are structured around score really pushed me to constantly rack up whatever points I could. Uploaded a 6v6 Dom game the other day in which I scored 6950 points - probably my highest score ever. I only had 30+ kills, but I had 11 captures, 16 defends, and was looping my Orbital VSAT/EMP/Escort Drone. Honestly, those games are more fun than the 70 plus big kill games I've had.

And yeah, 9 days played. That's what it took. If you see a max prestiger with only 5-6 days played, they probably glitched, unless they have an absurd SPM, like 500+.

Off note a little bit, but I threw in BO1 last night just for some nostalgia and the game was a tremendous breath of fresh air. It plays completely different than BO2. BO2 really does feel like another Modern Warfare. Granted, the overall gameplay design is a GOOD Modern Warfare (closer to MW2 than MW3) but I just like the more tactics based gameplay of Black Ops 1 and to a lesser extent World at War. I really hate the trend in CoD of random, absurd explosions and killstreaks becoming the focal point of the game. Sure, BO1 had Chopper Gunners and Dogs and what not, but it's a MUCH less chaotic game with more of an emphasis on gunplay than anything else, I feel.

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