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01-25-2013, 12:34 PM
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Pens fan coming in peace.

Hopefully Subban gets a fair deal (whether long term of short) and people can go back to watching hockey soon (and engaging in that special brand of angst that only Montreal fans can muster, during even the briefest of losing streaks). Must be fun being the Yankees of hockey, expecting a banner every year.

Last place I want to see him is in orange (with the Pronger situation I could see Holmgren going nuts again and making a big splash to get Subban like he did with Weber -- not that Subban is comparable as a D to Weber or would get huge per-year dollars like Weber, but the same philosophy to team building in Philly applies).

That said...

Originally Posted by WaltWhitman View Post
You guys are the ones saying there's something wrong with the sport of hockey because your boyfriend didn't get what he wanted in his contract negotiations.

PK isn't only bigger than the Habs. He's bigger than the sport, now.

Thanks for the lulz, you guys.

Walt, if there's ever a re-making of 12 Angry Men based around hockey, you should try out for the Chief Angry Guy. I can see it now:

"The kid plays just a couple years and he thinks he's more important than the TEAM now! And those media ******** with their political correctness, they just e-a-t i-t u-p! You know what I mean?! No white, heterosexual player would ever be allowed to get away with that kind of attitude and nonsense! Why should HE get away with it?! YOU PEOPLE with yer BLEEDIN' HAHTS...."

Keep up the good work. You're not fooling anyone but yourself, apparently.

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