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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Detroit is absolutely not a valid example to take in arguing against a rebuild.

In two waves, they have had incredible and against all odds success with multiple low draft picks, including Federov, 74th, Lidstrom, 53rd, Datsyuk, 171st and Zetterberg 210th. You think this is repeatable? Really?

Then, in two overlapping eras, Stevie Y and Lidstrom developed into two of the top 20 players of modern times, if not top ten. I consider Yzerman to be as good as Gretzky, by the way. He was overshadowed by Gretz, but they played in very different circumstances. And I think Lidstrom is perhaps one the top 5 D men of all time. Not too bad.

You think we can do or hope for the same? Dream on. No team can depend on this.

And as far as I remember, Stevie Y was, UH, a 4th overall pick after Detroit stank for almost twenty years. Sound familiar?

The rest is corporate blather, signifying nothing. Good management blah blah. Detroit made one brilliant move,mining Sweden before anyone else.

And they had the luck to draft two of the very best players of all time, with a perfect overlap of about 7 years.

Watch what happens to them the next 5 years. The party is over.

Pittsburgh and Edmonton will both win the cup again long before Detroit does. With a bunch of top 10 draft picks. The shock and surprise.
I agree with you. Nobody will continue to pull sleepers in the draft anymore. That formula has been successful and the other 29 teams have wised up.

Draft can be a bit of crap shoot anyways.

I however do not agree with your point that Detroit didn't have good management. What is good is when you innovate, not copy. Detroit innovated their drafting and development team long before the rest of the league took notice and followed suit.

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