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01-25-2013, 11:45 AM
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I personally hated the NHL 13 gameplay. Feels like its not even hockey and each player has weighted vests on. I truly believe the guys who develop it have never played before nor watch much.

Anyway besides gameplay,

Hockey should be more like FIFA

1) Online season. You move up and down division, every other week is a tournament for a EA trophy. Your personal record is whats kept, you can change teams every game

2) roster updates and changes- If your FT% is bad one game in NBA, it gets affected slightly in the game. In FIFA 2012 if Xavi was sick in spain that whole week and missed a game, his ratings would go down. Instead we have horrible starting online rosters and terrible updates. NHL 13 has done better in updates but dont agree much with stats. Hockeys roster can be changed every week. Kreider is in the whale one game, the Rangers the next and whale again. Teams should be allowed to alter its roster with AHL guys includd

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