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This is my proposal.

I think it would only effect american franchises for the better. Of course nashville and Dallas, would play the majority of their games out side of their time zone. However they would be in the east, and in the south. I can't imagine them being against this.

The caps would be moved to the north east.

The big price to be payed is by montreal vancouver and Toronto.

Vancouver will be the only canadian team in it's division, however it will have much better timezone benefits, and will prevent a single american team being trapped in a canadian division. However with the addition of Toronto and Winnipeg they aren't loosing any national games. When you do the math of two in division versus four outside.

Montreal will loose toronto, that's a given and their's no way around it, however it does benefit Ottawa being the only anglo team in the east.

Toronto gets screwed royally, however they can handle it they're by far the biggest team in the league, and they will help bring balance to the west.

I think it'll make the lake states happy, to have another original six, and will calm down detroits desire to be in the east, and help stabilize CBJ.

In all I think at the very least, you'll have a better balance between east and west, atleast in terms of the net value of each conference.

So here they are

Pacific * Mountain * Lake states * Dixie * Atlantic * Eastern

Van *** Edmonton * Chicago * Dallas * Phili * Montreal

SJ *** Calgary * Columbus * Nashville * Pitsburg * Ottawa

LA **** Minnesota * Detroit * Florida ** NYI ** Boston

Anaheim * Colorado * St Louis * Tampa ** NYR ** Washington

Phoenix * Winnipeg * Toronto * Carolina * NJD ** Buffalo
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