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01-25-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by RedMenace View Post
Oh yeah, I totally agree; $5m+ for a top-6, 60-point, scoring winger is decent, but that much for a 3rd-line center is right out.

Hey, a man's gotta have some dreams to hold on to, right?

Is there a clause in that particular point that mentions anything about injury retirements? I'd think the Wings would keep Zetterberg's contract over Franzen's, but one has to wonder about Z's long-term health...
I don't think there's an injury retirement clause, or at least I haven't heard anything about it. If someone goes down with injury, I think our best hope is that they stay on the payroll and we LTIR them every year. I think that at least takes them off our cap hit at the beginning of the season. The Franzen deal shouldn't be a big worry, though. Even if he retires with a couple of years left, the cap hit we'd absorb is under $2m. An inconvenience but not a killer. Z's, though...I think it was over $5m if he retired with a couple of years left...

And with how this season has begun, dreams have been a requirement.

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