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Originally Posted by JoeBoo View Post
Years ago during a Cleveland football game fans started throwing bottles on the field. Here is a refresher

That was my belief in the primary reason they stopped giving you caps, for all events including baseball, ice hockey, soccer, and concerts. I could understand an underlying reason that in arenas they wouldn't want people slipping, lawsuits, etc.

When it comes down to it, I miss the MSG from before any of these renovations, I have yet to attend a game this year, but when I was at the home opener last year, it was a massacre. People cursing all over the place, no organization with concession lines, bathroom lines everywhere, people bumping into each other. Granted that was in between periods, but they straightened that out real quick the following home game.

I feel as though even though most of the renovations are considered improvements to sight line, modernization, technology, it all comes down to the almighty dollar. They took away the indoor walkway-concourse, which I personally believe was the best thing ever. In between periods you could access almost any section in the arena to go meet a friend or other season ticket holders. Now, everything is purposely sectioned off so if you attempt to meet someone in the upper bowl from the lower bowl, you need to make sure your on that specific side of the rink, go down the stairs or escalator at the correct gate or go to the other side and find the correct gate vice-versa. I have yet to see the new upper concourse, but hopefully they have addressed that issue.

The gateways into the arena are the most frustrating from what I recall in the lower bowl. Yes there is televisions everywhere, but I truly do miss being able to stand where the ushers were to watch the game (if the play was going on, and you couldn't get back to the seat in time). This ***** with the stairways and someone telling you, you can't look at the ice infuriates me - paying to attend a game and you can't even look at the ice. Yes the argument is that the rows of seats are longer, so they are obviously more strict with going to your seat during a play, unless you can shimmy your way telling them you have the aisle. BUT some of these rows are absolutely disproportionate in leg room with other rows. Something like every 5th or 6th row in the lower bowl had slightly extra leg room, while the row behind it had significantly less. This make it extremely difficult for my father at 6 foot 6, and myself at 6'2" if we are lucky enough to sit in those specific rows.

Figure I throw in my 2 cents since I'm not a very active poster on this forum. Thanks.
For some of us (old 300s rows 1-3) the indoor walkway was the worst thing ever. Now our sight lines are much improved and we no longer get distracted by people walking right in front of us 50 times a game. Eliminating that has been amazing for my new row 1 and 2 seats.

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