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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
The league can angle for more $$$ from those cities and prospective owners if other cities (COG) are subsidizing teams to such an extent, and especially given that the availability of franchises is limited and finite. If they attain that subsidy then the team stays put. Franchise price/value goes up when they become more difficult to obtain. Yes there are a limited number of potential buyers and cities, but the league logically probably prefers to maintain the appearance that availability is at the very least equally as limited.
Topsy turvy World Gump. The value of a franchise propped up by municipal, state or provincial subsidies, welfare. Those days are over, gone pretty much everywhere. Kansas City could have had a franchise, be it NBA, NHL or both, particularly so with AEG in their corner, yet Mayor Sly James has adamantly refused to entertain any notions of direct subsidies, letting it be known that any pro franchise taking up residency at the Sprint Centre does so on their own dime.

Read any of the local KC papers, blogs or chat boards, and the sports fan's none too happy about it, as like Hamilton & elsewhere, they supported the construction of the building having been led to believe that in doing so they'd be playing in the Big Leagues. Well, the bubbles burst. I think any reasonable official elsewhere, particularly those elected to office winces' at what Glendales willing to provide. Arizona in general really. Realizes its untenable if what their providing is supposed to be the standard. Wont even bother trying to compete for a franchise if & when one does ever become available.... and your bang on about them giving the impression that availability is limited, finite, exclusive, however as I state, the gamesmanship's grown stale. People have woken up to the realities.

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