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01-25-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post

Doesn't stop a team from offering 5 on 25 instead.

And Bergevin being able to match is exactly my point. He's calling Bergevin a retard and that he's screwing up the process, but at first view it might look a bit like that, but I would wait and see what will happen before calling MB a retard, because there is much we don't know yet. How it will be finalized will give us a good view on MB's work. But calling him a retard at this moment is just childish and is the display of someone who is frustrated by the situation and needs an outlet for that frustration.

We see a lot of that on HF.
Sure, they could offer 5 for 25, but as you just said Bergevin would be able to match and would do it because the compensation for such a small deal would be really weak. So, that's the most logical reason as to why he hasn't gotten any offers imo, it's not because other GMs wouldn't offer him that much.

As for Bergevin being called a retard, as you said, it's HF buddy. We played three games. After game one, it was ''PK! PK! PK!'' in the stands, after the next two wins, it's ''we don't actually need him, trade him''. You know how it goes here.

Personally, I disagree with Bergevin and his tactics. I don't think every youngster deserves to go through bridge contracts. I think those type of contracts are given to players that have struggled in their roles (or either suffered injuries and therefore, have become question marks), and if you look at all the guys on our team that have signed those type of deals, they all fall under that category. Eller, Weber, MaxPac, Gorges, Price, Emelin, Diaz, have all struggled in their respective roles at some point or suffered injuries that halted their progress. So for guys like that, I can understand why you'd give them bridge deals.
PK however, is the sole one that has jumped right into a top role and did well. Very well actually. Yes, it was by default, but what matters is that he did very well.
So, I think he's well worth the risk moving forward. I'd rather lock him up now at a cheaper price for longer, than sign him to a short deal now and renegotiate in 2 year because I think he'll cost us a lot more in 2 years than he would right now. But that's just my opinion.
But every GM makes mistakes, doesn't mean they're completely incompetent. I agree with you, too much is unknown for now, in a couple of years we'll have better judgement.

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