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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Publicly, more than just a few Thrashers' fans suspected the jig was up as early as 2009/10 (some a lot earlier) when it became apparent that ASG was proving impossible to work with in terms of facilitating a local sale, pretty clear they simply wanted the team gone. There was no "long goodbye", ASG maintaining the charade that they hoped to sell locally right through the 2010/11 season. Some first class digging & reporting by the Atlanta Journal Constitution throughout 2010/11 (and earlier) however did expose ASG's duplicity so though suspected what was to come, never publicly confirmed by ASG, the NHL, the season over for the Thrashers by the time any of it really hit the fan (literally & figuratively).
That's pretty much it, Killion. Thank you for being a rare voice of reason whenever the Atlanta situation comes up. We fans knew very well that the owners were actively working to destroy the team and salt the NHL earth here, despite their implausible and repeated denials over the course of many years. We could see it with our own eyes. By the end, it was laughable, as we barely fielded an AHL roster that last half-season. Door giveaways were reduced from bobbleheads, team calendars, posters, etc. to things like cheap Delta luggage tags.

ASG didn't want the team, and furthermore, felt threatened by the possibility of a successful hockey team in another owner's hands because it would compete for the fans' precious winter sports dollars that they hoped the Hawks could corner.

While the Hawks are doing ok on the court, they don't draw flies except for a couple of games when other marquee teams come in. The fanbase here saw what happened and won't give them their business. We all hope and pray they sell. Til then, we're hostages to their arrogance, lies, and general ineptitude.

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