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01-25-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by titsuple View Post
The value is not there for a proven power forward but Im sure everyone can agree that both hemsky and whitney would put up WAY better numbers in boston than edmonton. Its the way it works i.e pitkanan, lupul, cole and even souray. When edmonton was trading these players everyone said they where injury prone has beens. Not saying they are worth a lucic but the value is not as far off as some of you are suggesting IMO.
I'm not sure I agree with your statement that Whitney and Hemsky would put up "way better numbers" in Boston.

The way the Bruins are structured it is a possibility, even a likelyhood that they don't play as many minutes as they do now. It is just the way it works under Claude Julien. They spread out the minutes and they don't usually have forwards playing 20 mintutes like some teams do. I'm not even sure that Hemsky would play in the top 6 since the top 2 lines have pretty good chemistry. It would be more likely that Hemsky plays on the 3rd line and the PP if he was on the Bruins.

Contrary to what someone said, most of us Bruins fans don't think Whitney and Hemsky are "crap". We just don't see them as players we would like to see anything other than picks or mid level prospects dealt for.

It is the fact that they both have had to deal with a lot of injuries in the last couple of years and that Whitney said on Boston radio that his skating is 80% of what it was and he doesn't think it will ever get any better. Hemsky's ppg ratio declined last year and if he is playing an even lesser role in Boston it only makes sense that it could decrease again.

Anything can happen, but nobody wants to pay top dollar for what would amount to role players on the Bruins. Of course they would go for the best available when trying to get a player, but these guys would be role players and it is a little doubtful they would even be retained past this season so their value just isn't what it would be for guys that would be core players.

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