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01-25-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Peace Frog View Post
I thought there was a draft lottery for the teams that don't make the playoffs this year. If so, there is no way to "tank" and be guaranteed a top 5 pick.

For this season (and this will be last), I would much rather get a top 5 pick vs. squeaking into the playoffs.

There looks to be some phenomenal talent in this draft class and I would love to see the Leafs take full advantage of it.
Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
Why is the word (guarantee) only pulled out when folks talk about "tanking"?

As a tanker, should i not ask for guarantees from those that want to push for the POs?

Say like, guarantee me we make it in and not into 9th place?

Guarantee me that a 8th place finish actually does affect the young players growth, going forward?

Well, they can't guarantee me a dang thing, guarantee is something an adult gives to an insecure child, they are to naive to understand that they don't exist.
All we were discussing is that finishing in the bottom means you'll get a top five pick. That's it. It appeared that the original poster was under the impression that evey non-playoff draft slot was up for grabs in the lottery and as a result, there was no way to know if you would have a top five pick until the lottery.

It would appear that you simply saw the word guarantee and used it to launch your rant.

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