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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Bourque and Kaberle are both kinda "just there" for me so far... but that's better than last year for both, actually. Still lots of time to evaluate. Bourque has been hurt and not playing before this, so maybe it's a better sign for him if he's still "just there" than it would be for Kaberle. Just in terms of the rest of the roster, personnel-wise, once Subban signs it would seem obvious that we'll have far less need of Kaberle than of Bourque, though.

So I'd say Kaberle is winning the "race to compliance buyout" rather handily thus far.

But that said, with the magnitude of Markov's bounceback thus far, and Diaz's progression, Bouillon's decency, a return of Subban... it would be a nice dream to actually be able to trade Kaberle, and then keep the compliance buyout slot open for further flexibility this off-season. Whether we ultimately use it or not... just nice to have the option.
If they can trade Kaberle instead of a buyout, they can keep the buyout for July 2014 in case they need it.

I don't see buyout Bourque the way he is playing and with his cap hit. Plus we don't have any top 9 guys other than Gallagher and Galchenyuk ready to take his spot. Maybe LeBlanc in Sept or later in the year if he can get back on track and finish strong. Not hard to find room for a 6'2" winger who can score 20+ and has a very reasonable cap hit(3.3 mil).

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