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01-25-2013, 12:52 PM
Ducks tank is on!
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Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
Dude we can't afford 9 mill for Perry. We still have to sign Getz as well as Ryan in a few seasons. We have one of the lowest caps in the league and our owners probably like it that way. Not that it makes sense nor do I agree with it, but were a low budget team! In a very small market. We aren't the Lakers bro
It was always unlikely that we could keep all 3 anyways. If you just draw a line in the sand too far below market value, then you risk losing all three.
Originally Posted by JabbaJabba View Post
In theory, if Getzlaf and Perry would get 9 mil contracts, then money coming from Selšnne's retirement and Lydman's contract ending would be enough to cover their payraises (and would leave 150k to spend if my math is correct). Although, two contracts worth of 9 mils would seriously hurt signing other players like Palmieri unless someone gets traded for nothing but, I don't except the Ducks paying both 18 millions combined.
But you also have to account for filling Selanne and Lydman's roster spot. And honestly, both are probably considered cheap for the role they fill. It seems likely that those two retiring/leaving would actually hurt us in terms of having money for the twins. If you replace them with cheap rookies than you have saved money, but if you want to rely on any kind of external replacement then it's probably a net loss.

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