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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Yeah I know as a fan it sounds bad to say you hope a player does bad, but I want Lovejoy to **** the bed. He seems like a nice guy, but this organization needs to learn how to be patient and develop prospects at the NHL level. The potential of Despres in the next 5 months through next season far outweighs the importance of Ben Lovejoy. And it's not like Despres has been bad. Engel gets his face smashed in and is playing in this game (despite struggling against TOR) and Despres is sitting in the press box. I wonder what kind of message that sends.

I try to think that the org is doing the tough love thing, but it seems to happen far too often.
Tough love?

Please. Englland has sucked these three games. Despres showed a more disciplined two way game against Toronto and is one of the few defensemen who didn't suck.

This is Bylsma using the Eric Tangradi playbook on Despres.

And, if you don't think he'll use it on Bennett, Morrow, Pouliot, etc, then you're nuts.

Guy was a career Craig Adams. He's done nothing to show me that he has the ability to develop young talent. Even the top end talent: Staal regressed defensively. Geno regressed defensively. Sid? Tough to call because he missed so much time. Letang? He was going to get better regardless.

As far as I can tell, the most skilled young player with whom Bylsma has had some success is Niskanen, and that's if you want to call a 5th or 6th year vet 'young'.

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