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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Montreal needs to step off these old "principle" traditions. They are archaic and often put us at a disadvantage for little to no reason. Frankly, it only worked for Price because he happened to struggle during his contract here and Halak was around. Highly touted young players like Subban and Galchenyuk will be looking for deals comparable to what Benn just signed.

Assume your scenario plays out and Gally does accept a bridge. In the interim he has two 90 point seasons. Now the renewal will cost us substantially more than were he linked long term already. This is why I am generally against this bridging philosophy.
if there's one thing Cup winners have in common in the Cap era it's this, players doing great while on relatively cheap contracts (think Voynov/Quick last year, or Kane/Toews for Chicago).

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