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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post

They've never been good at making a Metroid game, although they did an admirable job. They were much better at Donkey Kong.

I don't think you'll find many people that would agree that Retro was never good at making Metroid. Prime 1 may have reduced Samus' agility as a result of being first person (which was Miyamoto's decision), but other than that, Retro perfectly handled Metroid's transition to 3D.

Prime 1 has great gameplay but "meh" story, Prime 2 is just pretty awful all round and 3 improved the story and was kinda neat, but didnt really advance the series.

Um... do any Metroid games have a good story? Fusion was all right, but hardly anything special. Metroid isn't a series known for its storytelling, and although I would welcome better stories in Metroid, it doesn't make sense to keep bringing up story as a reason for why Retro shouldn't work on Metroid. Besides, I'd argue Retro has done the best job with the story so far, other than Fusion, which had the advantage of being the most recent game in terms of placement on the Metroid timeline, whereas the Prime trilogy takes place between Metroid 1 and 2, and was never intended to advance the story of the series, but tell its own self-contained story.

That's my main issue with the Prime trilogy, they are decent to great games in their own right, but do absolutely nothing for the Metroid story and unless Retro keeps working on the series, everyone's just going to pretend they never happened storyline wise anyways.

Nintendo bought Retro and made them work on Metroid Prime. So why are you assuming they were in direct control of the story? Nintendo was heavily supervising the development of the games - particularly for Prime 1, where Miyamoto would occasionally fly out to Texas to offer his input and/or yell at the Retro employees.

Then even after Prime 1, Retro still had to get their ideas for Metroid approved by Nintendo. They had an idea for a mission based game where Samus would collect bounties, but couldn't get Nintendo to approve it (also, perhaps more interesting, is as they were pushing for this game, they found out that Samus' job as a bounty hunter is basically mistranslated. She was apparently never intended to be a bounty hunter).

Nintendo still has the final say in the plots for these games, so I'm not sure why Retro is receiving so much flack.

That story about Retro trying to go in another direction with Metroid is the other reason I would prefer for them to work on a new IP, because I think they're getting bored of working on Metroid. But I love all three Metroid games they've made, and think if they were to develop Prime 4/Dread/whatever, they would do a fantastic job, even with their staff changes.

Nintendo needs to build on the main Metroid > Metroid 2 > Super Metroid > Metroid fusion arc and stop screwing with fans.

And there's no reason Retro couldn't create the sequel to Fusion. If that's what Nintendo wants them to do, it's what they'll do.

I like other M for what it was, an attempt to do something different. But Samus character is really misplaced (the serial killer thing was strange, Samus' post traumatic stress at seeing Ridley despite the fact that she's killed him between then and when he killed her parents makes no sense, and Ingrid Berman and Adam were oddly not like how they are supposed to be).

I know Sakimoto is largely to blame for the story, but its not as if the gameplay is flawless either (particularly the visor pixel hunts) and team ninja tends to do visual style over substance, which is a completely weird thing to do for a space horror adventure game that's not really about combat.

Nintendo has been pretty clueless what to do with Sammy since Yokoi's death, but they have added interesting plot threads (like the first character to be romantically interested in Samus is a female) but Nintendo as a whole seems to really struggle writing material for adults only. The closest they came was Twilight Princess, but even then they kind of skimped out on a lot. They really need their own version of Naughty Dog to handle Samus (a developer that does action, plat forming and puzzles all pretty admirably, while also doing strong character work).

And exploration, right? That's generally pretty important in Metroid, more so than the other elements you mentioned.

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