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Desk Jobs...ugh.

I have one too and it's amazing how doing "nothing" all day can really sap your energy when it comes time to go home. I found that I had a hard time getting motivated to go out to the gym and end up just sitting on the couch all night.

Now I play hockey 3/4 times a week and work out on my home gym (picked up from Kijiji for $100) in between to stay in "game shape."

If you are getting back into the sport (or just starting) try to find as many ice times as possible, whether its public skating or stick & puck sessions, get your feet back under you and get skating again. In my opinion, skating is the MOST important part of the game, so work hardest on that. If there is a power-skating session that you can sign up for, DO IT. I can't stress that enough. It has elevated my game from an "ok" intermediate player to being among the top skaters on the ice on any given night.

If you want to do exercises to get ready to play hockey, I would recommend lunges, squats and core work (sit ups, leg lifts, etc). If you don't own any work-out equipment or a gym membership, these exercises can be done in your living room while watching TV and will help your skating A TON.

If you want to work on cardio it's a little different for hockey. Running on a treadmill for 30 mins isn't going to benefit you as much as doing sprints will. I have a school yard beside my house and in the summer I do interval training in the field - sprint for 30 seconds, jog for 10, walk for 10, then repeat.

One more recommendation, get a street-hockey ball or "green biscuit" and a wooden hockey stick to practice your stick handling. Everyday just go into your basement and practice stick handling around yourself 360degrees. Also practice your hand-eye coordination by shooting at the wall with both forehand and backhand. I say "get a wooden stick" because I find that when it comes time to play on the ice with a composite stick it feels incredibly light compared to your practice stick and your hands will be that much faster.

I played hockey as a kid - aged 6-11 (or something like that) and started playing again 3 years ago. It's not a long road to getting on the ice, but it takes work if you want to be good at it.

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