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01-25-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
Considering that the Jays do not play the Nationals once this year, I would consider this largely irrelevant.

Braves did well to get Upton; I will give them that. However, I just don't think they are as good of a team as they get credited for. And for whatever reason, they cannot win in the playoffs. I bet against them everytime and come away with a lot of money.

Fair enough.

This is my take on it:

1) Arizona has made it known they want a SS in a trade for Upton.
2) Braves become rumored suitored, as Arizona is interested in SS Simmons.
3) Arizona proceeds to trade their top prospect, Bauer, for a SS with good potential, but nothing special.
4) Arizona now trades Upton to Atlanta, not getting Simmons.
5) End up losing their best prospect (Bauer), best player (Upton), and do not get the clearly superior SS in Simmons.

Moreover, they acquire Prado who has less than 2 years of team-control, and do not get Atlanta's best pitching prospect who is also one of the top prospects in baseball with #1 potential.

This is the definition of going full ******.
Teheran? I disagree with that statement. Teheran was awful last season and took huge step backs. Not a guy I'd say has #1 potential or one of the top prospects in baseball. On baseball america podcast, they weren't even sure if they would take Teheran over Delgado and said Braves probably wanted to trade Teheran over Delgado.

The deal sucks for DBacks is because they traded a potential superstar for little. They got Prado back who is awesome but is a FA next season and it will take some good money to sign him (shouldn't the whole point of trading a potential superstar is to get great cheap talent that will be under control for many years to come?). They got Delgado which is good but he's not going to be a great pitcher -- could be good or above average but likely not much more than that. Rest of the package is just meh.

Traded away Bauer and Justin Upton and got got very little back. They wanted a great SS and didn't get anyone like that despite trading both. Also traded Chris Young for Bell and a good chunk of his salary (getting nothing back would have been better). Signed and overpaid for Cody Ross for no reason. Horrible off-season for the DBacks.

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