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Originally Posted by Bozak View Post
it pissed me off last night - I only bought it to watch the game and it was blacked out. Any game on TSN, sportsnet, NBC, CBC, Leafs tv you can't watch - making it pretty ****in pointless. So this is how I watched the game last night on game centre. I had to download hot spot shield on to my computer (to trick my computer into to thinking I was living in america) and then watch the game on my computer - but then hook up my computer to the TV with an HDMI cable. Good quality but a hassle... and I could have just streamed the game (although quality would be poor)
This is simply not true. I watched the game on my phone from Westwood arena, was definintely NOT blacked out. And PS - you aren't tricking your computer into anything. You're tricking their servers into thinking you're in a different location.

In the time it took you to rant you could have just done a little research and found a ton of alternatives. I will recommend unblock-us, which comes with a 1-week no commitment trial run. Give it a shot.

Originally Posted by mt99808
Anybody familiar with the supposed PVR functionality?

Last night I came home late from work and my wife was watching TV so I went to watch on my ipad. I wanted to start from the beginning while the game was in the third period. There was no such option. How is that PVR like?
From what I can tell, the PVR functions are reduced for certain platforms. I have an Ipad, a PS3, an Android phone, and a laptop. The PVR functions work through a browser on the computer, but for iPad and Android apps they don't have the same extras. My guess is they're still developing these, hense the delay in the PS3 app being released.

Even despite these setbacks, being a big hockey fan and streaming the last year's games using free services like ADTHE and the blogspot site, as well as having purchased the LeafsTV Online package for $39.99, for the extra $10 bucks, this is far, far, FAR better than any of those options.

GCL also offers technical support in both chat (unconfirmed) and phone (confirmed, I've used it twice) and the service is decent. I would recommend.

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