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01-25-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
A playoff contender doesn't really mean that much though. We were playoff contenders back when we let Souray go for nothing. Rather than deal him for a good return we went for 8th. We missed, got a mid round pick and then Souray left for nothing.

It's not about this year's playoffs. Its about building towards a cup. We should be single minded in that pursuit. I know you'll say there's a benefit to our kids getting some playoff experience and that's true. But its not nearly as important as getting the best talent to build with for the future.

If you change your perspecitive from 'we need to make the playoffs' to 'we need to win a cup' you'll see that the way you go about these two things aren't necessarily the same. In fact, they can come into direct conflict from one another. And that's one of the biggest disconnects on this board. We have folks who are only focused on THIS year and making the playoffs no matter what. If you change your perspective to the long term and winning cups, you'll see things differently.
I get what you are saying, but it is not an exact science. Tanking has only worked for Pittsburgh really. The blackhawks drafted 1st and 3rd to get kane and toews, but without signing hossa, stealing sharp from philly and drafting the likes of keith, byfuglien, versteeg, bolland etc in the later rounds, the blackhawks wouldn't have won.

Boston didn't tank... detroit didn't tank, edmonton did tank and look how long its taking them to even make the playoffs! It's not an exact science, although the odds are better for sure. I would not sacrifice a few ****** years for a chance of getting better.

No one expected the habs to draft 3rd overall last season, and now that they did (and they will probably get another high end prospect in this draft), there is no need to tank further by trading away proven vets. The cupboard is full (and will be fuller after this draft)... its time for the upswing! The pieces are in place.

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