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Originally Posted by Gee Wally View Post
I've been in the field my entire career dating back to the late 70s. It has many interesting facets. Most drugs never see the light of day from development to actaul approval. Also need to figure about 10 years to reach launch too and could cost millions to billion depending on the drug.

Sure there's ups and downs. Side effects and many, mnay trials.

The thing that always disturbs me the most though is the facination the FDA has with blind tests utilizing placebos in clinicals for prople known to be terminally ill. Its a death sentence for some part of the population. When its kids involved, it breaks my heart.

I fully understand the need to keep snake oil off the pharmacy shelves....but for crying out loud dont do that to the terminally ill. Give them a shot at least..
Anyway, said more than I should. It's close to my heart for those that have viewed my video will know.

(gets off his soapbox)
You're a good man, Wally Gee!

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