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01-25-2013, 03:14 PM
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I've had the same experience. This past November there were some things going on that were very stressful for me. Everything seemed to hit all at once.

I was on my way to a game and seriously considering not playing - I figured that with my mind so full of troubles, I would likely be a liability on the ice, moreso than usual. But I went anyway and decided to give it my full effort, however much that might be.

That hour was a blessing. Nobody in the locker room knew what was going on (and they still don't) but just joking around, preparing for the game and then going on the ice was enough to give me a mental break from my problems. Even though the problems were still there when I got back home, it was a bit of a 'reset' that allowed me to clear my head.

Anyone who doesn't play thinks that it's just a game. But anyone who has played on a team learns otherwise. It's not that the team does anything at all to fix the problems in life, it's that going out there with the team and giving it a 100% effort just makes those problems more bearable.

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