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Originally Posted by mt99808 View Post
Good luck with that. I ordered mine last Friday, after all the BS on Saturday I tried to call and cancel. The phone number would disconnect after one ring. I then emailed their contact advising them that I'm cancelling on the basis of the service I paid for was not working and that their advertising is misleading (ie be able to view on ps3). I got a response about 3 days later which was a canned response that was probably sent out to everyone, almost like an FAQ that covered absolutely any possible technical difficulty. They still have not disconnected or refunded my subscription.
Thanks, I guess, but I've been generally satisfied with my service. You do you realize you were trying to do all of this on what was probably GCL's busiest day they've ever had?

Try the number again. I also got through on that Saturday, and although I had to wait for approx 8 minutes in their queue, I did speak with someone. I also spoke with someone on Sunday, so again, not sure why you had difficulties. I also submitted an email on Saturday and got the reply on Tuesday I think, and it was not very helpful at all, but by that time I'd resolved my issues with the tech support guy via phone.

I suspect what's happening over at GCL location is the uptake on their service is exceeding their projections (if they even had any), and they're having trouble keeping up with the demand. It's still worth it IMO for the service.

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