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01-25-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by HugginThePost View Post
I would think that the circumstance would have to be taken into consideration. Eberle just got hit...not even that a legal check. Smid jumps in to defend him. To me that is instigating a fight. Just my take on it.

I hope they make this call every time a legal hit is made and someone feels that they have to "pay" for it. It's hockey...there will be hitting involved at some point.

Of course if an elbow to the head happens, get in there and take care of business as required.
Except he didn't start a fight when he jumped in. I'd be all for your line of thinking if Smid skated over and started throwing punches and gave Nolan no chance to refuse to fight. At the most Smid skated over and asked Nolan to fight at which point Nolan starts the fight.

By your line of thinking almost every fight should have and instigator penalty.

Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
I think it was the right call. Gagner, while he was pushed a bit into Quick, also made no attempt to get out of his way and actively prohibited from coming anywhere close to making the save. And the refs are allowed to conference over a situation like that, just not use video to review it.
he was pushed into quick and then as quick tried to get back across the net gagners foot got caught up in his pad. He was trying to get it free and he wasn't in the crease.

There was no actions to justify changing the call.

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