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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I'm just spitballin' some random thoughts:

- Rock vs. Punk. I'd love for the Shield to come out and attack Punk. It would leave us all wondering if the attack was real or if Punk had them do it to save the title. Vince couldn't say anything as Rock still won. It would just be pretty cool to have them involved.

- I'd love to see Taker come out during the Rumble and eliminate Cena. Cena could sell the psychology part and come in and beat the crap out of Taker. Maybe that would set up a Taker/Cena match. That would be damn cool. Or hell.. have Cena beat down taker, Taker still win, and Taker vs. Cena vs. Punk (c). Over-booking? Of course.. but a 500 day streak, the new Hulk Hogan, and the WM streak on the line!

- Unfortunately I think we will see Lesnar come out and the very next entrant be HHH to chase him down. Crowd will eat it up, but I want nothing to do with HHH/Lesnar. Their SummerSlam match sucked so bad.

- There is no need for a WHC Rumble winner this year. They can set that up on the side if need be.

- Lastly, I'll probably stop reading online blogs until Sunday. I like being surprised. It's what I watch the Rumble for. I don't want to know who is going to show up or anything.
I'm not sure about this but didnt Vince say if the shield get involved punk would be stripped? Regardless of who they attack? Does this mean that Rock automatically gets the title?

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