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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
sorry got the goal totals messed up. I dont count legwand's goal in the sense it doesn't happen without backstrom's brain fart. ( if gonna be negative, got to go all out )

top notch means just if we need a piece we go get it. and right now, there's alot we need to win a cup. ive just been a fan of this team so long, it just gets frustrating to be so close but can't get there because of "payroll".. it sucks.
Listen man, I hear ya- I have pulled for a bunch of losing teams in my life (Thrashers) and it does suck. If we start stinking it up like this the rest of the year, I will be in here complaining right along with you. But the Preds have been one of the winningest teams in the NHL, so at least for now, they have earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt- FOR NOW.

Also, and I know you know this, more payroll doesn't automatically get you jack- Toronto and Montreal have unlimited resources and are in the best hockey markets in the world- how is that been working out for them? It has been almost a decade since the Leafs even made the playoffs.

And finally, not to beat a dead horse about the goals scored, but why do you keep saying Legwand’s goal would not have happened? That was just a normal power play goal- no reason to exclude that goal

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