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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
As much as I disliked Hunter and his uncanny way of doing things I now have to give credit where it's due unless something drastically changes. For all of his faults he seemed to get a high level of effort.
First principles, Clarice. Simplicity.

People may think players are not giving effort but perhaps they are not doing X as fast as possible because they are not sure if they should be doing X in the first place.

The players look lost and are dying to figure out where to skate like a chicken with no head.

Dale kept it simple and the players were able to play without thinking, which lets them just play. They all know how to play. The only thing slowing them down, is thinking.

Does anyone remember Green thinking with the puck on the PP in his 30G year?

Oates appears have asked too much too soon. Its never too late to change it, but requires looking at ones self in the mirror. I know he cant throw in the towel immediatley, but he cant wait for a win to fall into our laps, either. The season is too short, and Ovi aint getting any younger

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