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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Haha. My bad. I said it twice too.

Because what makes it a mistake? I never said the Hovinen signing was great. People are acting like the Flyers dropped the ball some how because they let a prospect get away. Meanwhile, that prospect remains unsigned and undrafted by every other team in the NHL. Yet people who have read an article on a blog one time and saw his YouTube videos are clammoring for this guy to come back. I would understand the argument, you know, if Ericksson was playing in the NHL or even the AHL, or at very least, was signed by or subsequently drafted by an NHL team. If you are going to tell me that the Flyers made this mistake, then every other NHL team has as well. And that would be pretty shocking if 17 people on HFBoards who read an article about the guy and saw some highlight clips knew better than these guys.

By saying the Flyers made a mistake, you are saying one of two things:

1) You think Ericksson is better than the 30 NHL organizations think he is, and your limited knowledge of his play, personality, work ethic, willingness to sign, etc is better than theirs.


2) The Flyers (and the rest of the league) know how good he is but are choosing to sign lesser players for some unknown reason.

I find it hard to believe that either of these true.
after being drafted he was photod in a philly sweatshirt and seemed real excited to be coming here. after being a 7th rd pick he moved up from a lower league to backup an experience veteran who had a pretty solid year. a sleeper pick who could develop slowly whos steadily improved since. and the burn of it all is he was and still would be the best goalie prospect in the system.

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