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Originally Posted by Nova III View Post
The best free agents won't sign on a team that is going to be a basement team for years. Assuming the trades.
Why wouldn't they?

Assuming my ideal purge goes through, we're left with.

Ovechkin ??? ???
??? Backstrom ???
??? ??? ???
Hendricks Beagle ???

Alzner Carlson
??? Orlov
??? ???


I'd try to flip some futures for Kulemin and Setoguchi. If Green is going he'd bringing back something legit, maybe Schenns for Green + Brouwer + Perreault (at least entertain it as quasi fair and addressing needs). If Colorado has trouble signing O'Reilly perhaps Laich + Johansson does it for them

Now we're at draft day and say hypothetically we can draft Jones. Forsberg is coming over. So we're at

Ovechkin Weiss Setoguchi
Kulemin Backstrom ???
Schenn O'Reilly Forsberg
Hendricks Beagle ???

Alzner Carlson
Orlov Schenn
??? Jones


Even before FA period. And we have like 30 million cap space. Supposing Perry, Weiss, Clutterbuck, Clowe and Smid make it to FA, we could give each of them ******** contracts. Perry 7@55, Weiss 7x5.75, Smid 7x4.5, Clutterbuck what Ward got. Get Backstrom/Kipprusoff/some veteran starting G or take Bryzgalov back if Philly makes it worth our while. Pair them with whoever is left from Neuvirth/Holtby. Give Timonen a longer contract than he'd get anywhere else and use him to mentor the rest of the defense.

So now we're at

Ovechkin Weiss Setoguchi
Clowe Backstrom Perry
Kulemin O'Reilly Forsberg
Hendricks Schenn Clutterbuck

Alzner Carlson
Smid Orlov
Timonen Schenn/Jones

Vet G (Say Kipper)

Doesn't look too bad now (obviously lots of leaps but whatever).

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