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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I think the problem is that Ricky is basically the last remaining piece of the Milbury Era. Since Milbury is no longer around, DP is booed by default.

Or maybe he's booed because he signed a huge contract, considering had any of them been in his shoes they would have said "No... I can't sign this. I'm definitely not worth this."

Or maybe it's the fact that he just won't quit. How dare this guy not want to throw away his dream-career. Doesn't he know that the Isles desperately need that $4.5M cap space? Clearly Wang wants to put this team over the top and Ricky is preventing that.

Your guess is as good as mine. know...or maybe its the FACT that he is statistically one of the worst, if not the worst, goalies in the entire NHL. I really wish some of you would get off his jock. I dont care what he signed for or how many years hes here or how many times he gets hurt. I hate him for one simple reason: HE SUCKS AT GOALIE. Every time he starts it gives us a greater chance of losing.

There are too many of you who love mediocrity and a 'good story'. I dont give a **** about either. I care about wins and putting in the players who give us the best chance of doing so. DP does not fall into that category whatsoever.

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