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Originally Posted by westernhome View Post
no we wouldn't, Marchand is great, I hate when people make that statement, Marchand gets it, he answers the bell, he fits as a Bruin, he singlehandedly has carried the team when the tough needed to rise above.... people making statements like that don't really understand and see the whole picture

comparing the two is ridiculous

what I don't think you adding to the equation is the leadership that Marchand was brought into the NHL with vs. what Subban had. swap them as rookies and put Marchand on the habs with that leadership and what has been a circus for a few years in management as well and he is not the same player he is today.

Do the same with Subban. If he comes in as a rookie with Z and PB leading the way he is not the player he is today either.

A lot depends on the environment they are taught in and currently play in. We have seen many players over the years change their "attitude" and approach to the game when they change teams.

happens all the time.

just because people see it differntly then you does not mean the don't understand or see the whole picture. You are not 100% right black and white and neither is the other side. eveyone opinion is just that their opinion. The only way we would know who was right is if he was traded here and we got to actually see it.

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