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01-25-2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
I realize he's old, but he did just sign a 10-fight deal. Now granted it is HIGHLY unlikely we see that 10th fight, but I wanna see just how good this guy is. Say he fought Shogun or Rashad next and smoked them. Would have to be Jones next. Say he smokes him. Well that's only 2 fights, so I think it's fair to assume he could fight again (especially since beating Jones obviously means he's still at the top of his game). The only logical next opponent would be a top 5 or so HW.

But see that's just the thing for me. Everyone wants to say Anderson is the greatest of all-time (and by the general definition I'm fine with that). But if a top 5-10 HW would smoke him, then to me he isn't even close to the greatest fighter of all-time. The greatest fighter of all-time IMO is the guy who could beat the most people. Anderson might be the greatest P4P, but if he would lose a fight to Barnett you can't say he's a better fighter than Barnett. You can say he's better for his size, and you can say he was far better in his division, but he's not a better fighter, because the better fighter would win.
Most people say "Pound for Pound" greatest of all time in Mixed Martial arts. Which he has a fair argument for.

In any case, It is a sport and they have weight classes for a reason. In a fixed environment like a cage with rules, we know who the best fighters are. A ring was much different and favored a different kind of fighter.

In a street fight with no rules and weight classes, we have no idea since we don't know how those big heavyweights would like a speedy Silva smashing them between the legs with kicks, and how they would react to biting and eye gouging and small joint manipulation(not to mention throat shots). Not to mention stomps and soccer kicks if he dropped them first.

All we see is how athletes adapt to fighting in specific circumstances, but we will never see the best fighter in the world

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