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01-25-2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
You're right, it's better to assume the way the team is built now is gonna win anything, ever.

Break them down and build them back up the right way. So what if we don't get all the pieces, we can get enough to lock down key rosters spots and keep going.

Also, it's not really a lot of assumptions. MacKinnon or Jones, yeah. If we're tanking and doing it right we should still get a top 10 pick. Trading for Kulemin or Seto or other players of that caliber/style may not happen but it's not particularly far fetched. If we have 30 million cap space we could make better FA plays than anyone else.
Yes. That's exactly what I said. Your leaps of logic are just as good as your fantasy GM'ing leaps.

You're assuming not only that the Caps get 1 of the top 3 picks in the draft, but that all of the free agents you are targetting actually make it to free agency and then choose to sign with a team that just blew things to bits. Then you decide you can wildly overpay every one of them and end up at least $10M over next year's salary cap.

These are the types of moves I made back when I played Madden. These aren't realistic moves for any GM to make. 1 or 2 of them. Sure. Outside of that, I have serious doubts.

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