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01-25-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by BronYrAur View Post
What ifs, dude.

It's hilarious how the Crawford haters just see what they want to see. Crawford gave up 2 goals?? OMG worst goalie! Nevermind that Rozi gave the puck away on the 2nd goal and Keith & Seabs both ****ed up on the first goal. Your two "star" d-men hung their goalie out to dry there and who is to blame? Crawford. Yikes.

This is the logic of so many people and it baffles me. The D didn't play perfectly what do you want the goalie to do? STOP THE PUCK! It's his job, again if Crawford didn't turn almost every defensive mistake into a goal then it wouldn't be an issue.

So we are going to bash our D because if they don't play perfect our goalie can't bail them out, that makes perfect sense and puts no pressure on them. "Hey guys if you don't play 100% perfect it's a goal because our goalie isn't very good" But why change anything with the goalie position it's perfect.

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