Thread: NHL Entry Draft: Yandle Bars 7 Round Mock Draft Game
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01-25-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
What im curious about is, if you take away all the hype and the whole "Crosby comparison" does Nathan MacKinnon still go first overall in a draft as deep as this? Nothing against the kid, I love watching him play and love even more to have him on my home team, but over the years we've been basically "force fed" that he's the best in his class... and im not sure he actually is.
I mean, I never saw anything about Jones or Barkov 3 years ago (may be a location issue, locals focus on their own), yet they've managed to be ranked right by him and even ahead!! So.. if MacKinnon was scouted just like the others, no years of hype or Crosby comparison, where does he land?
The thing is while you haven't heard about Barkov or Jones for as long as Nate Mack, the scouts who make these rankings have... So your question is valid if it's true that Mackinnon has had three years to impress while Barkov and Jones only have one but thats not the case all three of those players have been viewed since they were probably 14/15yo and it's the scouts who create the hype

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