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01-25-2013, 03:30 PM
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Tampa Bay Rays not long for this world?

Interesting. Just read this article at the website regarding recent comments made by Bud Selig and Rays' owner Stuart Sternberg.

From the article:

Well for the second time in less than six months Commissioner Bud Selig has come out with a pronouncement on how disappointed he is in the fan support the Tampa Bay Rays are getting. Rays owner Stuart Sternberg was quoted by John Heyman of CBS as saying "Major League Baseball no longer considers Tampa Bay as a baseball locale".

Selig points out the Rays have the second-best winning percentage in the American League over the past five years and made it to one World Series, yet continue to struggle to draw fans. The Rays drew 1,559,681 fans last season, dead last in the Majors.

Part of this is a power play. The Rays are trying to pressure the taxpayers and the state government to kick in for a state of the art stadium for the Rays, much like the one the Marlins moved into last season in Miami

The article primarily deals with the questions as to whether Montreal could support MLB once again. I think it's pretty iffy at best. While I hear there are ongoing discussions of a new baseball stadium in Montreal, these are preliminary and not all that serious.

Is the situation in Tampa that dire? I thought with revenue sharing the team is turning a profit, especially with such a low payroll.

Also, are there any other cities with aspirations of hosting a MLB team? And in those cities are they anywhere past the point of preliminary discussions of building a 30,000+ seat baseball facility and how it will be funded?

Good luck with getting significant state or city taxpayer funding for a new Tampa baseball stadium after that debacle in Miami. Once bitten, twice shy.

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