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01-25-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
Seeing all of these people get bent out of shape over this haircut kind of makes me like Kane even more. Go out and score goals, kid. Shove it in their faces.

You know, I find it kind of ironic, and maybe I'm just out of the loop on this, but many love to jump on Kane when he does something, Gary Lawless for example, then the articles come out. Did Gary Lawless write a nice article during the long, boring lockout when Kane got fans to make him a Twitter wallpaper? and what did Kane do again, give the winner a signed stick or something? then he ended up giving the 2 finalists signed sticks or jerseys or what not.

Hey, if you're gunna kick the kid when you think he does wrong, you should probably praise him when he does right. I know Evander has done some questionable things, and I don't agree with some of those things, but I also think he's a kid learning to be a professional athlete paid millions in a BIG yet small market.

As for his hair, it's his damn head and if he wants to do whatever makes him happy that's his own right so long as it's appropriate and not offensive, etc. People want to lose their **** over this? Have they seen some of the PERMANENT tattoos on some of these NHL'ers??? .. this is only a haircut. I'd rather Kane look like he does than have him show up looking like Joe Corvo or Brent Burns. That is embarrassing and it looks like neither grown man has a clue in **** how to groom or take care of himself.
Again though, who cares. I mean I like to be well-groomed. Friends call me a 'metrosexual'. But I don't make judgment calls on how people dress, or any element of their personal style actually.

Nowadays I wear a buzz-cut but in the past my hair has been blonde, purple, brown, red, and orange. It's just hair.

I live in Osborne village, and sometimes co-workers talk about the 'freaks' that frequent that area. That bothers me somewhat; these are just people. One of the reasons I love the village because you run into all sorts of sub-cultures there as far as appearances go. You have goths, punks, hipsters, hip-hopsters, suits, grungers, skaters, get everything. That's cool.

Like I said, everyone needs to express themselves through personal appearance. Let them do it and don't judge them by their personal style or any sub-culture they may have found themselves drawn to. I have some great friends who are body-modded, tattooed, no hair, long hair, bright hair. People who dress great and some others who just roll out of bed and wear whatever. We get along great, and if I had adopted some narrow minded 'clothes make the man' mentality I probably would never have made these friends.

Life is hard enough without people making judgment calls on you based on your style. Just let people be people.

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