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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
Except he didn't start a fight when he jumped in. I'd be all for your line of thinking if Smid skated over and started throwing punches and gave Nolan no chance to refuse to fight. At the most Smid skated over and asked Nolan to fight at which point Nolan starts the fight.

By your line of thinking almost every fight should have and instigator penalty.

he was pushed into quick and then as quick tried to get back across the net gagners foot got caught up in his pad. He was trying to get it free and he wasn't in the crease.

There was no actions to justify changing the call.
Fair enough....but I will go back to the circumstance. Smid engaging him after he laid a hit on one of the "kids" is telling of what his intentions were. I'm almost positive he didn't skate over and ask him not to do that again. If the fight took place without the previous hit on Eberle, I would be 100% supportive of your case.

Hell, for all we know it's one of the new rules that no one knows about. Personally I think it would be an excellent rule. Some one gets hit, legally, any shenanigans afterwards - 2 min unsportsman like.

But hey, agree to disagree. No biggie. Regardless, it was the oddest game ever.

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