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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
TK has 3 SOG this year. Adams has more shots. Brilliant job of generalizing though and even implying that a SOG is a bad TK has the best chance to succeed over any current roster player in that open top 6 spot. I've said this time and time again. He will out produce any non top 6 Pens player in that spot (given a large enough sample). He may not produce to your liking, but there is no one currently on the roster that will net more points / ice time than him in that role. Pens are playing their highest card with TK in the top 6.

What if Depres and Tangradi just aren't good players? They certainly didn't light the AHL on fire this year. It's funny how all the watch the game guys blame it on chemistry or something else you can't quantify when players don't produce - who've never really produced historically before. The skills have to add up to a result to be valuable. Tangradi's just don't add up to anything besides a young Mike Rupp. Why is that the fault of the front office?

Depres might be more than he's shown, but needs to really work on his D game. He's still young and has time to improve. I doubt he will improve much, but he probably has 2-3 years until it's time to cut ties with him if he stagnates. An offensive D man who's a liability isn't much use if he's not producing offense. He's got to fix one of those aspects first before making his way back onto the roster. I hope he does and defensive consistency is what he needs to be working on back in the AHL.
I pretty much disagree with everything you are saying and good job not even understanding my Despres argument. Oh and stating that TK shoots the puck every chance he gets isn't generalizing, its a fact based on his entire career.

If you want another voice that is coming from my same point of view go read what jiggy is saying around here.

I literally can't argue this topic anymore. The people on the other side believe what they believe no matter how wrong they are and how much logical thinking or facts are presented, so whatever.

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