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Eurolanche Invasion V: Hello from Toronto


First of all, if here is any Avs fan, who would like to meet with us in Denver, let us know in this thread. We are looking forward. Also, we are non profit organization, so please, do not take this thread as an ad or something like that. It is our hobby which has cost us much money, but we love it and would like to share with you about our trips.

With the uncertainty around the NHL due the lockout, there was a small chance for another trip of Eurolanche to the United States of America this season. Not many members believed the Avalanche schedule would fit in our plans. But you never know what will happen tomorrow.Thanks to the great schedule of games and the effort by Eurolanche members, we officially announce the Eurolanche fan club will organize the fifth trip of its members to Denver, Colorado, so called Eurolanche Invasion V.

Four members – Eurolanche´s president David Puchovsky, vice president Rudolf Sery andLukas Sveda (all from Slovakia), and Matej Klucho from Czech Republic – will travel to Denver on 7th March 2013. They will spend 14 days there until their departure on 21st March. For David, it will be his record-breaking fourth appearance at the Eurolanche Invasion. Matej will travel to Denver for the third time. For Rudolf and Lukas, it will be their debut trip with the Eurolanche.

As we used to say before every Invasion, we will try to do our best to make this Invasion much better than were all four previous. Four members of Eurolanche will visit six home games of the Avalanche against Chicago Blackhawks (two times), San Jose Sharks, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars. The schedule will include visits of the Avalanche practices, post-game meetings with all players, meetings and interviews with chosen players out of the game day, appearances in the local media, visits of other pro sports in the town, trips, meetings with our friends and much more. The complete schedule of the Eurolanche Invasion V is going to be published in March.

On the occasion of the Eurolanche´s fifth trip to Denver, we will launch the upgraded website dedicated only for our Invasions at For now, you can find there the countdown to the start of the Invasion V, diaries, photos and videos of all four previous trips and the logo of the Eurolanche Invasion V. Before the official start of the trip, we will introduce you the Invasions´ website in the new look. I hope you will like it and the new logo as well.

The Eurolanche Invasion V will not be only about members in Denver. All Eurolanche members will have a chance to take a part in the various contests and win amazing Avalanche merchandise or signed photos of the players. We will keep you informed a in the Eurolanche Infobox.

Eurolanche is the first European fan club of Colorado Avalanche. The fan club has existed since August 2007 and has now 215 members from 29 different countries around the world (by date 25th January). is not usual fan site, because provides the exclusive stories and breakings news to all fans of the Colorado Avalanche hockey. We have been quoted and sourced several times in the past by mainstream media. All Eurolanche members could join us for the trips or meetings anytime. We would also welcome new writers in any language.

Eurolanche Invasion V will be fifth trip of the Eurolanche members to Denver. The first trip was organized in December 2008 and January 2009 with three members on board. The second trip in February 2009 included three members again. The most members took a part at the Eurolanche Invasion III, when six members traveled overseas in February 2010. Last time, in December 2011, three members came back to Denver.

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