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Originally Posted by JohnnyBerts View Post
Gatorades and Powerades are full of crap - the biggest winner is the dentist who will wipe the sugar coating off your teeth after repeated use.

After a workout/game you want a nice dose of electrolytes. The healthiest will be coconut water (or water) and take a teaspoon of sea salt to replenish what you lost. That is the quickest way to replenish. Afterwards eat something with 10-20g of protein. If you can go to an organic food store and pickup a protein cookie with hemp/chia/flax you will be better off. I make my own cookies with natural ingredients and eat one in the changeroom while the guys are downing 2 or 3 beer before lagging their pot bellies into the shower.

For the guys who like to drink coffee for the caffeine boost, remember coffee is a diuretic, meaning it will drain you of bodily liquids. If you only drink coffee, you'll notice later that you may have to pee moreso than if you only had water. Make sure you drink a glass of water before drinking a cup of coffee to diminish the effect of drying out your body.

This man speaks wisdom.

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