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I've seen him in two games last yr and one so far this yr. I'm no expert but from what I've seen, read and his stats I think he would be at least an NHL caliber back-up. At one point many considered him to be a future starter w/ bob pushing him for a spot. Since not getting a contract all he has done is perform at an elite level in one of the top leagues in europe. Here are his numbers the past two yrs:

2011-12 33GP 1.73GAA .935SV%
2012-13 24GP 1.71GAA .931SV% (season not over yet)

here are Lundqvist's numbers from his last 2 yr in the SEL (as a 21-23yo which just so happens to be Sunshines age in the seasons listed above) before making the jump to the NHL.
2003–04 48 GP 2.17GAA .927SV%
2004–05 44GP 1.79GAA .936SV%

i'm not saying he's anywhere near Lundqvist's level or that he could potentially be even but as of right now he's a top 3 goalie easy in he SEL. That has to be worth something.

Given the flyers previous track records with goalies why is it out of the realm of possibility that the organization could have made a mistake? Sure he's no guarantee but almost anybody with any sort of insight into the situation didn't understand the Hovinen signing over Sunshine. Again there could very well be a reason that we are not aware of but from what we do know he'll easily be the best goalie in our system behind Bryz if he were signed right now.

And once more Bob wasn't drafted or signed until a couple months before his 22 birthday and he was in a higher profile league. Fine I will not say they made a mistake and I never did but I've seen you question repeatedly why many of us want the Flyers to offer him a contract. The reason is simple and has been stated numerous times.

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