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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
One of my first managers told me "praise in public, scold in private".

Love the idea of calling out MVP's or great teammates.

Love the idea of self-deprecating humor or inside jokes.

HATE the idea of any kind of put-downs in front of others. Even as a joke, that can be grating.
Yeah, I would hate that. First of all, as it is I know I'm not a great player. I'm a beginner. I'm learning - and I'm going to make mistakes. Some of my teammates are also new to the sport, and we are all going to have stupid moves from time to time. Calling me out in front of everyone is NOT going to make me stop making mistakes - it's just going to make me not want to play at all.

Second, if you make a stupid move, you're probably already beating yourself over it enough without having it pointed out after the fact. The fastest way to learn NOT to do something is to make the mistake and realize that it costs the team something. In my first game, I made two stupid passes that went in front of our net. Hearing 'don't make passes in front of our own net' didn't drive home the point nearly as much as realizing that our goalie had to make two saves because of my boneheaded passes did. Sure, he made the saves and it didn't cost us the game - but it COULD have and just knowing he had to deal with my mistake was bad enough. I haven't done it since.

Third, I wouldn't ever want the responsibility of passing on the bad stuff to anyone else. I've got no problem giving people constructive criticism, but to call them out on something? No thanks.

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