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01-25-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
Again though, who cares. I mean I like to be well-groomed. Friends call me a 'metrosexual'. But I don't make judgment calls on how people dress, or any element of their personal style actually.

Nowadays I wear a buzz-cut but in the past my hair has been blonde, purple, brown, red, and orange. It's just hair.

I live in Osborne village, and sometimes co-workers talk about the 'freaks' that frequent that area. That bothers me somewhat; these are just people. One of the reasons I love the village because you run into all sorts of sub-cultures there as far as appearances go. You have goths, punks, hipsters, hip-hopsters, suits, grungers, skaters, get everything. That's cool.

Like I said, everyone needs to express themselves through personal appearance. Let them do it and don't judge them by their personal style or any sub-culture they may have found themselves drawn to. I have some great friends who are body-modded, tattooed, no hair, long hair, bright hair. People who dress great and some others who just roll out of bed and wear whatever. We get along great, and if I had adopted some narrow minded 'clothes make the man' mentality I probably would never have made these friends.

Life is hard enough without people making judgment calls on you based on your style. Just let people be people.
This. I don't want to have anyone other than family in y life that doesn't think this way. MYOFB = mind your

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